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Movavi Photo Manager is a photo organizer that can manage all your multimedia like a pro. It compiles images based on tags and can detect duplicate files to delete and free up more space on your hard drive.

Movavi Photo Manager Product Features:

  • New facial recognition feature.
  • Easy navigation with tags.
  • Geolocation.
  • Detects duplicate images.
  • Backup and restore files.
  • Basic editing tools: Crop, straighten, flip, and so on.
  • Digital license copy.
  • Supports both Mac and Windows devices.
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Movavi Photo Manager


Disclaimer: This is a digital license product. No physical component is included.

Do you want to manage all your media but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry. With Movavi Photo Manager, you can organize all your files into a folder and remove unwanted or duplicated files you might have missed. Get a copy for your Windows or Mac device to manage photos such as RAW, JPEG, PNG, and other formats. You can collect and store images while valuing your time with this essential tool for photo management.

New Facial Recognition

The new facial recognition features can detect faces in images and automatically create an individual album for each person.

Add Tags

For easy navigation and file search, add tags on images.

Add Geolocation

Add geolocation on your photo albums, like country or city, to filter images for easy search.

Detects Similar Photos

With advanced technology, it can detect similar images for you to edit, compile, or delete.

Look for Duplicates

It searches duplicate photos from your hard drive and deletes the file to free up space.

Basic Editing Tools

With the essential editing tools, you can crop, rotate, flip, straighten, and do more to your images before storing and organizing them.

Backup Copies

Back up your files, such as images, albums, tags, and places. In case of data loss, you can easily restore the files, including all their content and tags.

Create Albums Automatically

Organize photos into albums by sorting them based on their date and GPS coordinates.

View Photos in any Format

You can view photos in full-screen and any format.

Use for Easy Filing and Organizing of Images

Whether you need to compile travel photos, tag family from your recent events, or manage your professional images, everything is possible with Movavi Photo Manager.

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13 reviews for Movavi Photo Manager

  1. Brogan Frame

    This new photo-organizing app from Movavi for Windows and Mac helps me save time handling my digital image library.

  2. Kaci Coleman

    Superb. Handling all my pictures easily and quickly. I am surprised how easy it is to get a glimpse of even long-lost memories. Thank you!

  3. Jericho Lee

    Movavi Photo Manager is a photo organizing program designed to help you organize and maintain your digital photo collections in a timely fashion.

  4. Jordan Andrews

    Movavi is first and foremost a photo organizer, which means it has a variety of excellent algorithms designed to make the task of arranging digital images in your collection easier.

  5. Quincy Baxter

    This software lives up to its name if you require a location to save and manage your images.

  6. Zaid Mckenzie

    Amazing program! This was all I needed to start shrinking some photos. Moreover, I discovered that it was simple to operate.

  7. Dick Mcgrath

    It is effortless to use, and the price is very reasonable.

  8. Guy Hinsdale

    From basic cropping and color adjustments to more advanced retouching features, Movavi Photo Manager offers everything I need to enhance my photos with ease.

  9. Crystal Greene

    The services offered by this software are so widely varied that they cover everything. Thus, the service offered is good and focuses on helping the customer in all possible ways.

  10. Loretta Burfield

    I’m extremely impressed with Movavi Photo Manager for Mac and highly recommend it to anyone in need of a reliable photo management solution for their Mac.

  11. Houston Leno

    From basic cropping and color adjustments to more advanced retouching features, Movavi Photo Manager offers everything I need to enhance my photos with ease.

  12. Jennette Berney

    I can easily sync my photo library across multiple devices and platforms with Movavi Photo Manager. It ensures that my memories are always accessible whenever and wherever I need them.

  13. Roderic Riggs

    Movavi Photo Manager has made organizing my photos a breeze. The software’s ability to detect duplicates saved me a ton of space on my hard drive.

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