PaintShop Pro Ultimate

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PaintShop Pro Ultimate is the ultimate Photoshop alternative for both amateurs and professionals alike. Have control over different kinds of media with this creative bundle from Corel. From animation to amazing works of art, PaintShop Pro has the exact features you need to create your visual art.

PaintShop Pro Ultimate Product Highlights:

  • Access to award-winning digital tools.
  • Expand your horizons with the Multi-cam video editor.
  • Bundled online tutorials help you improve
  • Photography management tools to handle a large volume of images.
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PaintShop Pro Ultimate


PaintShop Pro is the ultimate photo editor for amateurs and professional graphic designers. With the improvements that Corel has poured into PaintShop Pro Ultimate, you have more freedom to unleash your creativity with all the digital tools you need and want.

Get your Corel PaintShop Pro  Ultimate Edition copy from the Softvire online store at the best prices. PaintShop Pro  Ultimate reviews will tell you what you’ll love, while our prices will make you want to keep it.

Core graphic design software

Gain access to Painter Essentials 5 and its excellent photo-painting tools. Transform mundane pictures into impressive works of art right before your eyes. In addition, you gain access to award-winning brushes that help you draw and sketch from scratch. Create unique pieces that embody an authentic, hand-painted look every time.

Professional photography management tools

Have your digital dark room with Corel AfterShot 3. Make corrections and enhancements using batch processing tools that let you apply adjustments to thousands of photos at once.

Multi-cam video editor

Go beyond images. Turn your PC into a recording studio and perfectly capture people, products, and presentations ing PaintShop Pro’s multi-cam video editor.

Break your creative mold.

Design without boundaries. PaintShop Pro’s collection of varied tools allows you to manipulate and create art how you want it to look.

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24 reviews for PaintShop Pro Ultimate

  1. Alyssa Strickland

    This photo editing software has the strong photo editing capabilities that any company would need. It comes highly recommended by me. Give it a shot.

  2. Vincent Young

    The Paintshop Pro 2018 ESD of Corel is the best software for editing and graphic design. I’m an intermediate level photographer and I use the Corel Paintshop Pro ESD 2018 to correct some colors, manipulate my photos, or do some perspective correction.

  3. Philemon Cooper

    This software works very well to use all the visual effects and vectorization of images, so I suggest that you better arrange your projects in layers and masks if you continue working on your designs in the future.

  4. Eesha Mair

    It is an excellent image editing, drawing, and painting program with some innovative features. It has become a standard tool in careers such as graphic design and photography.

  5. Caroline Hawkins

    Modifying the program of photos and images is great for those who desire a good job in skilled high quality. It adapts very properly to us on contact screens, it is beneficial, and it differs from others by its work with vectors.

  6. Hashir O’Doherty

    Corel PaintShop Pro 2021 Ultimate is a strong picture editing and graphic design software program. It provides many functions and choices, but it is not a simple, intuitive program, especially for novice users. 

  7. Codey Estrada

    This software has many professional tools for designing images and photographs with many options for high-quality projects. It can perform automatic retouching to enhance the shapes. It also has color design tools to manage the brightness, contrast, or saturation, and gradient of predetermined colors, add transparency or limit opacity and shadows.

  8. Alexander Ryan

    I got a great deal. Customer service gave a great deal and offered help with installation. I’m happy that I can make a design even with my amateur skills.

  9. Eran Vincent

    The customer support offered help and provided installation assistance. I’m glad that, even with my amateur skills, I am able to make designs.

  10. Damien Sheridan

    Easy to use the software, and it has a shortcut to make quick edits and improvements to images. The user interface is friendly, making it easy to familiarize yourself with the tools. Also, the customer support is very responsive if you do have a problem.

  11. Sofia Gozel

    This photo editing program contains all of the photo editing features that a business would require. It comes with my highest recommendation. It’s worth a shot.

  12. Karl Ballad

    It really let me enjoy my creativity. My clients are always pleased with my visual arts.

  13. J Howe

    It feels like my creativity has more room to flourish with Paintshop Pro and all of its capabilities.

  14. C Hicks

    Paint Shop Pro is well-equipped with the proper tools and features to reveal the beauty of your work. This worked for me as well. I can’t thank you enough.

  15. Huxley Mitchell

    I purchased last year, it made my life easier, In one click I create different designs

  16. Louisa Bush

    Paintshop Pro is my favorite application. My photos are even better when I optimized them using Paintshop.

  17. melton john

    This photo editing software has all of the photo editing features that a company would need. It comes highly recommended from me. It’s definitely worth a shot.

  18. Grace Yeta

    This photo editing software has all of the photo editing features that a company would need. It comes highly recommended from me. It’s definitely worth a shot.

  19. Myrtle Lara

    Easy to select and start using, but packed to the brim with configuration choices that may be intimidating to newbies. The program is designed to be used by a wide variety of people.

  20. Natalie Russell

    Overall, beyond pleased with the product. Love it.

  21. Princess Bennett

    The inexpensive price in compared to competing applications, the ease of use, and the potency of the provided tools. I like how intuitive this application is. It is easy to master and learn.

  22. Donovan Horn

    It’s pretty similar to Adobe Photoshop, except it’s more lightweight and works well with Windows.

  23. Tillie Cantrell

    The vector editing tools are especially powerful and the ability to customize the workspace is a game-changer. Highly recommend.

  24. Taylor Phillips

    It’s incredibly versatile and customizable, and the ability to work with both vector and bitmap images in one program is a huge plus.

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