Trend Micro Maximum Security

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Trend Micro Maximum Security is the latest multi-device protection software that was designed with your family in mind. Shop, surf, and socialize online without worrying about your sensitive information. Get the latest protection every day with over 30 years of innovation in the digital security industry.

Trend Micro Maximum Security Product Highlights:

  • Advanced privacy and parental control settings.
  • Secure online banking and shopping when needed.
  • Unrivaled ransomware protection.
  • Supports Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices.

Trend Micro Maximum Security


Trend Micro Maximum Security is the complete protection package from one of the top digital protection companies in the world. With Trend Micro, Maximum Security isn’t just a program – it’s a promise. Backed by over 30 years of digital security innovation, all the features that Trend Micro Maximum Security reviews love are just a download away.

Buy and download your Trend Micro Maximum Security copy from the Softvire online store and enjoy great discounts and prices. With Trend Micro Maximum Security installed, your online life is protected by a digital fortress – all in an affordable package.

Full online privacy

Detect malicious emails and websites that trick you into providing sensitive personal information. In addition, it keeps you protected even when using social media on any device.

Secure Online Banking and Shopping

Double-check websites’ security to ensure you’re banking or buying from the right place. Shop and bank online without worry with Maximum Security.

Keeps your passwords secret

Trend Micro Maximum Security’s password manager encrypts your passwords. Never have difficulty remembering many passwords while keeping them safe.

Designed with your family in mind

Advanced parental controls let you manage how your kids spend their time online. In addition, have safeguards in place to keep your children safe from digital accidents.

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40 reviews for Trend Micro Maximum Security

  1. Jasleen Finley

    I feel safe, and I haven’t had a problem using Trend Micro. I’ve been using it for over two years. I like they’re helping me to get away from potentially dangerous sites.

  2. Mysha Hampton

    I love everything about trend micro. The ease of use is best. Just being able to run pc programs on my mac is the best you could ask for. I am genuinely happy with this product!

  3. Karlo Tranz

    Many antivirus suites give you PC optimization tools, but I haven’t found many as fast or as terrific as Trend Micro’s tools. It checks for several things that can slow down your computer like gaps in your security such as firewalls and out-of-date software, files and folders that are taking up too much space on your hard drive. Overall, I found that Trend Micro’s optimization tools significantly improved my PC’s performance.

  4. Ainsley Beasley

    Perfect. It is the greatest security program to have ever been created. It has loads of protection aside from just scanning for viruses.

  5. Lathan Thompson

    Trend Micro was recommended to me by one of my dear friends and has been used by me most of the time. I had several years with Norton and McAfee but found going with Trend Micro better for me.

  6. Shaun Alvarez

    It is the best and most comprehensive kind of online security.

  7. Maisie Gibbs

    It was recommended to me by one of my colleagues, and I’ve been using it most of the time. I had several years with another top-rated antivirus, but I found that Trend Micro is best for me.

  8. Stacy Thomas

    a full security package. It costs more than normal but includes a password manager, firewall, and other capabilities not typically found in antivirus software.

  9. Marco Shelton

    It’s the best security program I’ve ever used, especially considering how I frequently conduct my business online.

  10. Nelson Canyer

    I feel safe, and I’ve had no problems with Trend Micro. I’ve had it for almost two years. They appear to be assisting me in avoiding possibly harmful locations.

  11. Harde Mute

    The security software from Trend Micro has kept me safe. It’s been almost two years since the last update. They appear to be able to assist me in avoiding potentially risky situations.

  12. jem hoder

    Trend Micro has kept me safe. Almost two years. They appear to assist me avoid danger.

  13. Lomey Trick

    I’m safe and Trend Micro hasn’t let me down. It’s been almost two years. They appear to help me avoid potentially dangerous areas.

  14. Clips neton

    The last update was about two years ago. They seem to be able to help me avoid unsafe circumstances.

  15. Wila Pors

    There is no danger to me, and Trend Micro hasn’t let me down at all. Nearly two years. They look like they can help me avoid dangerous places.

  16. Jude Nits

    Trend Micro protected me. Almost two. They help me escape danger.

  17. Garmin Flote

    There is no danger to me, and Trend Micro hasn’t let me down at all. Nearly two years. They look like they can help me avoid dangerous places.

  18. Sheld Volren

    I am not in danger, and Trend Micro has not let me down. Two years. They seem to be able to help me avoid harm.

  19. Queen Bont

    About two years since previous update. They seem to be able to keep me secure.

  20. Rowel Troper

    Trend Micro protected me. Almost two. They help me escape danger.

  21. Karmen Weldo

    It’s been years since I’ve had an issue with Trend Micro. As far as I’m concerned, they can help me keep myself secure.

  22. Karvo Malik

    About two years since the last update. They look like they can keep me safe.

  23. Karden lows

    As long as Trend Micro hasn’t let me down, I’m completely protected. Until now. They appear to be useful in guiding me away from potentially hazardous areas.

  24. Kardin Shove

    Trend Micro used to be a source of irritation for me, but I haven’t encountered one in a long time. They could, in my opinion, assist me in ensuring my own safety.

  25. Shammah Dole

    Two years ago, there was a new post on the site. They look like they can protect me.

  26. Karin Same

    Trend Micro was there for me when I needed it. 2–3 You can save my life.

  27. Hollie Allen

    Definitely need this in this day and age of hackers and scammers.

  28. Seth Levy

    I’ve tried several antivirus programs, but Trend Micro is the best.

  29. Vinnie Holman

    This program provides adequate protection and protection against scamming and blockage of dangerous URLs.

  30. Averie Webb

    You can protect multiple devices with equality amount of security.

  31. Jamil Walker

    Trend Micro’s protection software is very well-known. It has a variety of anti-malware apps for different systems, and two of them work with Chrome OS, which is quite unusual for security software.

  32. Joseph Wilson

    The customer support provided by Trend Micro is excellent. Their support team is responsive and knowledgeable, promptly assisting with issues or inquiries and ensuring a positive user experience.

  33. Vinnie Holman

    It prevents my laptop from becoming corrupted and prevents me from receiving waste files.

  34. Jamil Walker

    Consistent, solid protection that’s easy to install. Reasonable price for multiple computer protection. The only downside is they send you notices way too far in advance to renew.

  35. John Thompson

    Trend Micro regularly updates its software with new features and enhancements. These updates ensure you have the latest protection against emerging threats and vulnerabilities, keeping your devices secure.

  36. Dylan Tolhurst

    Trend Micro is an outstanding product that provides top-notch protection without slowing down my computer. I highly recommend it to anyone in need of reliable antivirus software.”

  37. Florine Carron

    Trend Micro Maximum Security provides a variety of supplementary tools to bolster my online security. The program provides comprehensive safety for my digital life, including browser protection, anti-phishing features, parental controls, and social media privacy protection.

  38. Tifany Maret

    I never have a problem with malware or breach because of this.

  39. Mabel Belfield

    It protects all your devices with one security, with everything going on this is an easy was to protect.

  40. Carlene Fiveash

    Trend Micro is the very best. I had trend micro for years and was talked in to switching to someone else for my security it was not trend micro switched back and I am so glad I did.

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